Promotion and Tenure

Promotion & Tenure: A Brief Guide for Faculty

The promotion and tenure review process occurs on an annual cycle, with awards of promotion and tenure taking effect on June 1 of the year following application. Faculty are evaluated for promotion or tenure based on the criteria established by their career track.

Promotion & Tenure Workflow:







Contact Department Chair

Prepare Packet/Case

Department Review

Dean’s Review

Provost’s Review

Review and Decision by UM Provost/President

* Department & School/College recommendations are forwarded to the Vice Provost and Provost, who review and make the final decision on promotion and/or tenure. Faculty members are notified of the Provost's decision between the months of May and June each year. Approved promotion and/or tenure awards become effective on June 1st each year. 

  • Deadlines for Promotion, Tenure and Reappointments: 
    All major Promotion & Tenure Cases due 1st week of December
    Award Date: June 1
    (Academic Personnel Board & Board of Trustees reviews/votes
    All Midpoint Reviews, Reappointments & other Promotions e.g. Senior Lecturer due 1st week of April
    Award Date: June 1
    (Do not need APB or BT review/votes)
  • The Annual Promotion & Tenure Workshop:
    Held in April each year. (Link coming soon). P&T Workshop hosted by the Office of Faculty Affairs to explain and share information on the promotion and tenure process.
Our Promotion and Tenure Guidebook is updated regularly and is intended to provide transparency and assist faculty members in planning for and successfully achieving promotion and/or tenure.
The form DF-15 is provided for the regular recording and transmittal of all recommendations on promotion, tenure, progress toward tenure, and reappointment. A copy of the form should be completed for each faculty member under consideration and used to head the file of supporting documents.
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Promotions & Tenure Awards effective June 1, 2020
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